"Professional and courteous."

- Harry Wilt - Seller

Extra Mile

"Frank, as usual, went the extra mile... a very professional agency with all the tools to provide excellent information and service."

- Roger Roberts - Seller


"I have enjoyed working with Frank. I appreciate all he did and like working with people who work as hard as I do."

- Jay Patterson - Seller

Helpful and Responsive

"We wish to offer our appreciation for your efforts in the process of getting this transaction closed. You have been most helpful and responsive throughout. Further, our experience with LandMark Realty (Terry/Frank), et. al. has been nothing less than excellence from beginning to finito. Easy to see why your successes are always forthcoming,and we suspect frequent. Well done,well done indeed."

- Darlene & Avery Long - Buyer

Service Provided

""I could not have selected an agent that would have given me the service provided by Frank Roberts.""

- Forrest Thompson - Seller

The Best

""Frank is the best, very professional""

- Cliff Rogers - Buyer

Above & Beyond

"Thank you so much for yours & Terry's help along this difficult journey. Being so far away has presented many challenges. Your kindness in going 'above and beyond' has not gone unnoticed."

- Betsy Collins - Seller

Kept Us Informed

"Wonderful. Everyone was very courteous and helpful. They worked with us and kept us informed in all that was going on. Awesome job!"

- Lucille & Scott Manning - Buyer

All Accolades

"A truly good and rewarding experience, I give all accolades to Frank"

- C.E. Vaughan - Seller

Makes Business Come to Pass

"Experienced, creative and professional ways to make business come to pass... Integrity, honesty and overall professionalism and effectiveness in communication."

- Eduard Valdez - Seller

Professional Yet Personal Experience

"Frank went over expectations to help us acquire our home... It was a professional yet personal experience dealing with RE/MAX. Everyone involved worked their hardest to help make this a pleasant experience."

- Libby Morgan - Buyer

Absolutely Great Job

""Far exceeded my expectations! Absolutely great job""

- Rodney Kinkaid - Seller

Staying on Top of Process

"You all do a great job! Keep it up! Frank is the best I have seen on contracts and staying on top of process"

- Laramie McEntire - Seller

What Customer Service is All About

"Frank Roberts was available at all times and communicated experience. He was what customer service is all about."

- Nick Schaeffer - Buyer

"Everyone was great!"

- D.J. Roberts - Buyer